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Inbound travel agencies

special interest markets (harmonised with the Croatian National Tourist Board’s Destination Management Companies Project)

EKLATA – kulturni turizam,

GLOBTOUR EVENT – kulturni turizam,

VMD ADVENTURE TRAVEL – aktivni / outdoor turizam,

TRAVELANA – kulturni turizam,

UNILINE – kulturni / eno-gastro turizam,

AMBER TRAVEL – kulturni / eno-gastro / aktivni turizam,

PETROS – kulturni turizam,

HUCK FINN – aktivni / kulturni turizam,

GULLIVER TRAVEL – aktivni / eno-gastro turizam,

MORE MANDIĆ – SECRET DALMATIA – aktivni / eno-gastro / kulturni turizam,

VENTULA TRAVEL – kulturni / eno-gastro turizam,

KATARINA LINE – eno-gastro turizam,

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