Sport and recreation

City Swimming Pools

Zagrebačka 85a
tel. +385 (0) 42 215 366

The City Swimming Pools are a true oasis of health and enjoyment for everyone in Varaždin, its surrounding towns and all visitors looking for recreation and relaxation. The City pools consist of two indoor pools and an outside pool. The large indoor sports pool dimensions are: 33 m x 25 m at a depth of 2.20 m, the smaller indoor children’s pool dimensions are 20 m x 7.6 m at an inclined depth ranging from 0.65 m to 1.25 m. The outdoor pool dimensions are 25 m x 20 m at an inclined depth ranging from 1.35 m to 1.45 m. The versatile facilities such as a jacuzzi, a sauna, massages and a restaurant provide additional motives to visit the City Swimming Pools.

Varaždin Sports Hall

Šetalište F. Tuđmana 1
+385 42 659 125

The idyllic surroundings of the forest on the banks of the River Drava is the location for the Varaždin Sports Hall. The Varaždin Sports Hall is home to a number of sports such as basketball, handball, volleyball and various bowling clubs. In addition to sporting facilities, the Varaždin Sports Hall is ideal for concerts, fairs and other such events. For more information, please call +385(0)42 659-125.

The Varaždin Sports Hall can be rented for badminton and table tennis: please call +385 (0) 658-333.

During the winter months (typically November to March) the space next to the Varaždin Sports Hall can be used as an ice rink, which offers recreational activities such as skating for school children and ice hockey.

For reservations and information, please call: +385 (0) 98 9326999


Ognjena Price 34; +385 (0)42 490-850;

TTS SPORT CENTAR is the largest and most modern centre for sport, recreation, massage, rehabilitation and catering in the Republic of Croatia. The Centre is located in the City centre and is over 7000 m2 in size. The TTS CENTAR provides excellent conditions for almost any indoor sport as well as various modern high quality services in sport, recreation, rehabilitation, relaxation and fun.

The Centre can also offer: two small indoor and one outdoor soccer field, a fitness studio with ‘Techno Gym’ equipment, a cardio studio with ‘Techno Gym’ equipment, a multi-purpose hall for seminars and group programmes (Spinning, Aerobic, Pilates, Girl Power…), a children’s playroom, the ‘SPORT KIKI’ children’s sports school, a Cafe Bar, the ‘Medical’ Lounge Bar, a massage centre, a sauna…

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