inVarazdin application

Mobile application inVaraždin is intended for tourists as well as Varaždiners who are interested in information about the city as well as current and annual events. All information is available in English and Croatian language. The application contains all the important events and locations in Varaždin, and some ideas on which trip to go near Varaždin.

The content of the application is divided into five categories to help users to navigate and use: Attractions, Accommodation and food, Activities, Events and Locations of interest. By opening any area you get information and pictures of the town’s landmarks, historic buildings, museums, accommodation, restaurants and others. Next to each term there is a sign of map which you can open and your position will be marked on the map. There will also be marked path to get to the location of the site from your current position and how much time is necessary in order to get there.

In order to make the selection of accommodation in the city, the application lists all the accommodation facilities with all necessary information – the location, type of accommodation, price and so on. There are also marked all restaurants in town where you can try various types of dishes and choose something that suits your taste.

Categories as Activities and Events offer current concerts, exhibitions, events in the city, and a list of events to be held during the year.

Contents under category Locations of interest offers a wide range of information that you might find useful during your visit – a list of emergency services, parks, bars and night clubs, sports facilities, banks, etc.


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