J. Merlića 9, Varaždin
tel. +385 42 332 910

In the vicinity of the romantic baroque center of the city Varaždin and only a few minutes bike rides from the river Drava and the Drava park and forest, stands Student Centre Varaždin. It has two accommodation buildings/dormitories, one (A) belonging to the classicism period and the other (B) showcasing a contemporary urban design. Together, with the restaurant, they make up a complex driven by a green energy concept and environmental responsibility. Solar power plants, energy certificate A+, use of rainwater, rational use of energy, water to water heating and cooling pumps make this complex very special and interesting.

Building A can accommodate 283 guests (1,2,3-beds room), every room has a bathroom, refrigerator, WiFi and TV connection, and on each of four floors there are few small kitchens.

1/1 room – 199,00 kn
1/2 room – 149,00 kn
1/3 room – 99,00 kn
(per person, tourist tax not included)