Varaždin Baroque Evenings, 20 September – 1 October 2019

Varaždin cherishes and proudly presents its baroque splendour and Varaždin Baroque Evenings take place in this vivid mise en scene. For 40 years now, at the beginning of autumn, the sounds of baroque music by J.S.Bach, G.F. Händle, A. Vivaldi, H. Purcell, D. Scarlatti and other masters spread across Varaždin’s churches and concert halls. Over the past decades, the festival has hosted a number of reputable baroque music solo players and ensembles and one of the particularities of Varaždin Baroque Evenings is that the musicians play authentic instruments. The music programme is accompanied by a series of events, which complete the cultural mission of this festival. Each year, this festival has a partner country and this year this is Japan, whose extraordinary musicians will present the best of baroque in a Japanese style.

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