Flying guitars festival, October 2018

Flying guitars festival, October 2018

The Flying Guitars Festival is a music event arising from this region’s guitar and music heritage, Varaždin boasting the place of residence of internationally acclaimed guitar virtuoso Ivan Padovec. He is the only one among Croatian musicians of his generation to have left a mark in the European music life as a pedagogue, performer, guitar innovator and composer. Thanks to Ivan Padovec, guitar has been powerfully embedded in the culture of Varaždin and has become an element of its identity, as well as an impetus for the initiative to exploit this international music festival to gather and present in one place the best the world of guitar has to offer.

Besides attractive and unique concerts, distinguished guests will hold workshops, courses, lectures and get-togethers with the public. The accompanying events, such as presentations and exhibitions, will additionally turn Varaždin and its region for four days of October into the guitar capital of the world.

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