Drava Jump, 12th July 2020.

Drava Jump, 12th July 2020.

Date: 12th July 2020.

Place: Drava

Link: facebook

Named the ‘European Amazon’, the ‘Freshwater Pearl of Europe’ and the ‘Gold-bearing River’ – all that is Our River Drava! How do we get to know her better so that we can love her even more? The best option is – jumping into her! This is why we are inviting all those who love the Drava to join us at the Drava Jump Event, which will take place at the old Drava Swimming-pools as a part of the Drava Festival. There will be a plethora of interesting and creative workshops and water-based games where both young and old will be able to have fun and learn something new. The bravest and most cheerful will crown the Event with a big splash – a joint jump into the Drava. Welcome to the Drava Jump!

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