Varaždin fast food

Trg slobode – Varaždin fast food

Do you know where Varaždin’s oldest fast food shop is? In the very centre of the City, at Trg slobode 7, Šanjek Family butcher’s shop has maintained the spirit of times gone by when the pace of life was more relaxed and everyone had time to saunter into the shop and try the delicacies produced by the Šanjek Family. The shop provides daily, for the inhabitants of Varaždin and their guests, pairs of cooked homemade sausages, frankfurters, saveloys or a wide range of meat products to take home.

‘Zalogajnica Šanjek’
At the entry to the City centre visit ‘Zalogajnica Šanjek’ which has, over many years, retained its special charm that complements its relaxed and warm atmosphere.
‘Zalogajnica Šanjek’ offers traditional dishes from the Varaždin area and specialises in foal and horse meat dishes.

‘Zalogajnica Šanjek’ is the perfect combination of tradition, good humour and delicious homemade food!

Seating for 150 + 30 on the terrace.

Restoran B.Radić 53, tel.+385 42 212-718

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