Cemetery and parks

Varaždin Cemetery

Unlike other cemeteries, Varaždin’s was devised by a visionary soul called Herman Haller, who not only designed a resting place of the dead, but an outstanding example of landscape architecture and natural monuments. It is an ideal, restful place for visitors due to the botanic composition of birch, flowers, grass and tall cypress trees, which allows for the delicate play of light and shadow…

Varaždin cemetery was established in 1773, and in 1905, Herman Haller began to arrange about 7,000 cypress, maple, ash, red beech, boxes, magnolia and birch. Clipping Thuja in geometrical bodies made the cemetery more similar to the French fleet. One of the most valuable monuments in the Varaždin cemetery is the ‘Angel of Death’, the work of Sculptor Robert Frangeš Mihanović, which symbolically shows the farewell of the living with the dead. Among other attractions, visitors should see the monument to Vatroslav Jagić, decorated with fresh flowers daily.

The cemetery is open for visits every day:
From December to February, the opening hours are 7.00 a.m. to 7 p.m.
During March, April and October, the opening hours are 7.00 a.m. to 8 p.m.
From May to September, the opening hours are 7.00 to 9 p.m.

Parks dd in cooperation with the company EONIdeas created a mobile application VaraždinCemetery. The application is free and you can download it on the AppStore or Google Play or through the QR code.

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Promenade Vatroslav Jagić

The town physician Dr. Wilim Bernhard Müller had started minor renovation works of the public promenade in 1838, and by the 1850’s the so-called ‘English style’ look was finalized. Alternating dense plantations of tall trees with open grassy surfaces and a special dark green (conifers) and light green (hardwood) provided a game of light and shadow, and a special atmosphere.

Outstanding native deciduous trees such as mountain maple, horse chestnut, chub, birch and hornbeam were used, as well as ornamental trees such as red beech, sycamore, ginkgo, ornamental plum, Hackberry, Tulips, Catalpa, Judas tree, magnolia, oak, and Violets. The following conifers should be emphasized: local spruce, pine and white pine, as well as yew and exotic plants: Cowtail pine, Waymouth pine, cypresses, Douglas fir, one young sequoia and ornamental spruce.

John Paul II Park

The newest park in the city dates from 2004. Its contemporary design with specially interpreted plant species is not to be found elsewhere in the city and has an educational character. Water is the theme, and an imitation of the Drava River bed has been made from its stones.

Strossmayer’s Promenade

All around the old town are preserved ramparts and moats which were once integral to the impregnable fortress. Today, instead of soldiers guarding them, visitors roam and enjoy the city panorama that can be seen from the walls.

The Youth Park

The Youth Park is the first such park in Varaždin, a conceptual continuation of the John Paul II Park. The Parks activities are for young people of all ages and include: a playground, a skateboard track, swings, climbing rocks, etc. The children’s playground is adapted for children with special needs.

Park for dogs
In a public green space along the street Ratimira Hercega a park for dogs is settled. The park is fenced and is substantially divided into two parts, one for recreation and training of larger dogs, and the other for recreation of smaller dogs.

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